For every four children who live in states of the Legal Amazon, three are from cities in which the average investment in education is lower than the national average. Although investments in the area are considerable when compared to the municipal GDPs, they are not sufficient to meet the needs of the students. The information is part of the report Public Finance in the Amazon – Educational Services and Results, developed by the team of economist Carlos Eugênio da Costa, a professor from the Getúlio Vargas Foundation and a researcher from the Amazon 2030 project.

In an interview with the O Globo newspaper, Costa explains a little more about the results. “What we have is an effort to dedicate a large percentage of the GDP. However, when you take into account how much of this is transformed into spending per student, two factors make the spending less than the national average: the poverty in the region and its demography. The spending is even lower because there is a relatively younger population.”

Read about the interview here and access the full study here.

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