The engagement group of the G20 is responsible for the proposition of public policies that will be analyzed by the nations that compose the Group. Civil entities are invited to participate in the process

The T20 (Think20) Brazil, the engagement group of the G20 (chaired by Brazil since December 1, 2023), discusses and proposes solutions and public policies for global development. Suggestions, ideas and joint proposals for policy recommendations can be sent by think tanks and civil society organizations from around the world to help with the formulations.

They must be directly related to the 36 subtopics that were selected based on suggestions received from more than 100 national and foreign think tanks and research centers that have already expressed their interest in becoming involved with the process – in addition to the three priorities announced by the Brazilian presidency of the G20. The subtopics are organized into six task forces: confronting inequalities, poverty and hunger; sustainable climate actions and just and inclusive energy transition; reform of the international financial architecture; trade and investment for sustainable and inclusive growth; inclusive digital transformation; and the strengthening of multilateralism and global governance.

The deadline is the end of January. Check the criteria in this link and participate.

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