In June, the Institute of Religious Studies (ISER), which is an important entity that brings together researchers, scientists and academics, including non-religious elements, completed 50 years. Its history is substantial and has been built since 1970, when the Higher Institute of Theological Studies – ISET was founded, which in 1973 changed its name to ISER. iCS is proud to be the grantee of one of its projects, Faith in the Climate, which is an initiative that brings together religious leaders from different traditions involving the subject of climate urgency. It aims to disseminate “new narratives about climate change with a scientific basis and a sacred dimension,” in addition to increasing the outreach of religious leaders on the subject by adapting their speeches from the point of view of scientific knowledge.

Following the celebration, ISER reported the transition of its Executive Board. Here is the full letter:

Transition of the ISER Executive Board: time to look at other times.

ISER partners,

Last June, ISER completed 50 years. Created in 1970 by the inspiration of researchers and religious leaders, led by Rubem Alves, ISER has traveled many paths and welcomed many people, generated reflections, provided mediations, produced conflicts, much knowledge and also affection.

Following its original spirit of celebrating this trajectory, but looking towards the future guided by the challenges of the present day, we have decided to renew the executive board.

Therefore, the new executive director of ISER is Ana Carolina Evangelista, Carô, with her extensive experience of working in civil society and her doctorate at FGV/CPDOC. She has made important contributions in the state public agenda of the São Paulo executive and legislature and has been a researcher at ISER for 3 years.

The sociologist and researcher, Clemir Fernandes, remains on the deputy executive board, establishing with Carô the complementary knowledge and skills that are capable of providing ISER with the delicate and necessary balance of recognizing the course taken in the past and being guided by the current challenges. Clemir has been a researcher at ISER for 12 years.

We hope that each person receives this message, full of affection and trust, as a thank you for the partnership in these 12 years of the management of Pedro Strozenberg in charge of the executive board and as an invitation to become involved in this new period of ISER. Pedro will remain connected to the institution after the new formation of the Board.

Feel embraced at this time and invited to future projects.

Pedro, Ana Carolina and Clemir

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