A technical note developed by the Clean Energy Coalition shows that the operation of thermal power plants set forth in the privatization law of Eletrobras can emit up to 20 million tons of GHG per year

The Clean Energy Coalition has warned that: the operation of the “jabuti” thermal plants, set forth in the privatization law of Eletrobras (Law 14182), will be responsible for the emission of more than 300 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (Mt CO2e), or 20 Mt CO2e per year. To find out whether this is a lot or a little, the Coalition made a comparison in its technical note published in September: “in 2019, the entire Brazilian electricity generation sector emitted 53 Mt CO2e, i.e., the “jabuti” thermal power plants, on their own, have a potential to represent almost 40% of the entire annual greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of all the Brazilian electricity sector. If you do not know what a “jabuti” thermal power plant is, this site explains everything.

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