Education, health, environment, culture, and social justice. If the challenges facing Brazil today are immense and involve the most diverse areas, the solutions are also gigantic, and leave little to be desired. This is what the 1st GIFE Show of Social Innovation has proven, which was held for seven days in Sao Paulo in an exhibition with over 300 initiatives that have improved the country and have been developed in all the regions of the country.

There are projects such as Bike Anjo [Bike Angel], which is a platform where people find help to cycle around cities, and Cidade Ativa [Active City], which is developing a walking mobility agenda for use in the 2020 elections. Both the actions are supported by the Institute for Climate and Society (iCS) and are only a small portion of a much larger universe: every year, about RS $ 3 billion supports social projects in Brazil through philanthropy and private social investment.

“We are living in the country at a time when our challenges have demanded new solutions and directions for us to be able to advance,” says Erika Sanchez Saez, the general coordinator of the 1st GIFE Show of Social Innovation. “The good news is that there are already many people thinking about this.”

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