The Keep Track of your Air Conditioning Bill campaign is now running with plenty of unmissable content about energy efficiency, savings tips and information about devices. Among the tips, we highlight the following:

– When choosing a new device, check if it has inverter technology. This adjusts the compressor speed to the cooling demands of the environment, reducing energy consumption

– Dirty filters can block air from entering the device, forcing the air conditioner to work harder. Periodic cleaning of the filters should be performed every two weeks. You also need to clean the air inlets and outlets. Furthermore, proper maintenance of the air conditioning prevents contaminating people with respiratory diseases. Therefore, keeping your air conditioner clean is also a health issue!

– It is important to prevent heat from entering the environment and letting the cold air out. Keep doors and windows tightly closed and sealed. Curtains and blinds must also remain closed, even when the air conditioning is not being used, to prevent the room from heating up with the heat of the sun.

– Inside the home, the air conditioning must be installed in order to allow the best air circulation in the environment, preferably parallel to the largest side of the room. Installation in corners of walls or near furniture and curtains should be avoided. The equipment must be high, because the cold air tends to descend and spread around the environment.

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