LAB PerifaConnection: Climate and Peripheries is an initiative in partnership with the Institute for Climate and Society with the intention of providing training about the climate, environment and sustainability to communicators and activists living in the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, especially blacks, women and LGBTs.

LAB has arisen due to the urgency of democratizing the debates on climate change that are currently taking place. Behind the floods, landslides, pollution, access to water and the city are much more complex issues that need to be dominated by those who are interested in working on these issues, from São Gonçalo to Baixada Fluminense, passing through the Rio suburbs.



LAB PerifaConnection: Climate and Peripheries has the objective to share information about the climate agenda that is sometimes restricted to scientific circles and fails to reach the part of the population that suffers the most from the impacts of climate change.

The range of subjects that the climate issue involves is quite extensive, and you will realize this during the LAB. In order to give you an idea, these are some of the themes that will be developed: land disputes, environmental racism, urban planning, media and power, health and food, basic sanitation, elections and mobilization.

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