“Journalists in Dialogue – Land policies in the Amazon Region: combating land grabbing and proposals to reduce illegal deforestation.” This was the subject of a workshop held, on November 27, in Rio de Janeiro and conceived by the site O Eco and by Imazon, exclusively for the press, researchers and public authorities to debate land problems in the Amazon Region, such as land grabbing and inefficiency in the management of the inspection agencies and the increase of illegal deforestation in the region.

The meeting, which sought to contribute to assist the media coverage on the subject, addressed the fact that the lack of land definition in the Amazon Region is quoted on several occasions as the main barrier to the implementation of policies of sustainable production and conservation in the region, as well as being associated with conflicts and deaths in the field. Among the most sensitive questions are: Why do the attempts for a solution not advance? What measures can combat land grabbing and prevent the theft of the land assets of Brazilians? What is the role of taxation on lands to try to curb land grabbing? Among the speakers invited to answer these and other questions were Stephen Ciavatta, filmmaker; Brenda Brito, from Imazon; Marco Antonio Delfino (Federal Prosecutor); Fernanda Macedo, from the Brazil Coalition on Climate, Forests and Agriculture; and Eduardo Pegurier, from O Eco.

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