Buses are highlighted and civil society leads the debate for new models of concession and remuneration. The electrification of fleets is also the subject of events and campaigns

The transport sector is the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases in Brazil. With a scenario of instability in public services, the Ministry of Regional Development is working on a new legal framework for urban mobility, as explained in a report by the Folha de S. Paulo. For civil society, IDEC, the Institute for Consumer Protection, is leading the debate. “The announced bankruptcy of the systems of public transport by bus has been accelerated by COVID. What we are seeing are municipalities without the capability to offer a quality service and with the necessary regularity. Motivated by this context, a debate has started regarding a Regulatory Framework for Transport that goes beyond just bus services, but which has those as its main focus. The current model of concession and remuneration no longer corresponds with reality. Accordingly, new formats are being proposed that allow innovative business models and incorporate other players in addition to the municipalities and the operators,” explains Marcel Martin, coordinator of the iCS Transport portfolio. He adds:

“The framework becomes essential in order to accelerate and scale the fleet electrification. The current model has proved to be a barrier. For example, with respect to the entry of electric energy companies as suppliers for the fleet and the fuel (in this case, the electric energy). Despite being a structural discussion, the creation of this new legal base will enable the municipalities to make the energy transition of their fleets more quickly and with greater transparency.”

Also in relation to buses, IDEC and other institutions have been working strongly to create a National Program for the Rental of Electric Buses, arguing for the participation of the government in the urban mobility policy. Finally, authorities and leaders have been discussing the progress of the implementation of electric buses in an event organized by C40, WRI and GIZ.

Crédit/image: Mobilize

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