The program, coordinated by the Comida do Amanhã Institute, aims to stimulate sustainable public policies of food security in the cities.

The Comida do Amanhã [Food of Tomorrow] Institute published a notice to invite municipalities interested in participating in the second edition of LUPPA, which is a program for the training of municipal agents for sustainable policies of food security. Cities have until August 17 to register and participate in the next laboratory. In addition to the laboratory, those selected will have access to: content regarding the aspects of the local food systems; sharing of experiences, information and tools with other cities; participation in seminars, training and a mutual support network between the cities; specific selection to receive technical cooperation with mentor cities; and, mainly, to benefit from solid support to develop or improve the Municipal Public Policy of Food and Nutritional Security.

“One of the main challenges, mainly for the most urbanized cities, is to guarantee sustainable food systems and a healthy diet for all its inhabitants. Because this is a right, the access to food needs to be guaranteed by public policies involving different sectors and disciplines. Municipal governments and local organizations are indispensable actors in this ecosystem of transformation,” explains Juliana Tângari, from Comida do Amanhã.

Access the notice here!


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