The system of validation and refinement of warnings of deforestation, and the degradation and regeneration of native vegetation with high resolution images, has gained an important ally. The MapBiomas Alert has been launched and its current version is dedicated exclusively to the issue of deforestation in all the Brazilian biomes (in the next two years it will be extended to other issues covered by the MapBiomas project). The significant differential of the tool is that it is the result of consultation with government agencies that use warning systems (such as MMA, IBAMA, SFB, MPF, ICMBio, the Environmental Police, and TCU) and warning providers (INPE, IMAZON, the University of Maryland, and ISA, among others) to identify the best contribution that the MapBiomas Network can offer. The result is a distributed processing of images and data, on a large-scale, which is free, transparent and accessible to everyone.

Watch the launch and learn about the site .

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