Are you waiting for good news? Two have arrived at once: MapBiomas and Nossas are two of the six global winners of the 2022 Skoll Awards for Social Innovation, the highest global recognition of the third sector. In addition to the acclaim, there is also an investment of US$ 2.2 million dollars to strengthen each of the chosen initiatives for three years.

MapBiomas was selected for the impact that can be gained from the data generated with the revolutionary use of technology to map land use. It has been used not only in combating deforestation and fires, but also in the protection of conservation units and Indigenous Lands, monitoring water resources, planning the sustainable use of rural properties and the monitoring of the vectors of tropical diseases, among other applications. Another key factor for the choice refers to the operation by means of a multi-institutional collaborative network for the production of knowledge.

Nossas, another winning grantee of iCS, has been working since 2011 to support people in their struggles for justice, by offering methodologies and opportunities for action to activists in all the country, and by boosting the third sector in the promotion of effective changes in the political, social and economic reality of the country. In all, more than 1.2 million Brazilians have been engaged and 125 public policy changes have been achieved to date.

To the two victorious Brazilians (who join the other three national representatives who have already won the award in previous editions), our proudest congratulations.

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