The traditional award by Folha recognizes the work of the founder of Idesam and the CEO of the AMAZ accelerator in the category of Innovation in the Environment.

Credit: Personal LinkedIn

The founder of the Institute for Conservation and Sustainable Development of the Amazon (Idesam) and the CEO of AMAZ, the largest impact accelerator in the north of the country, Mariano Cemano has won the category of Innovation in the Environment at the 2022 Social Entrepreneur Award. Idesam has helped to preserve 10 million hectares of forests by supporting projects and businesses such as Café Apuí Agroflorestal, which generates R$ 1 million in annual revenues benefiting 110 family farmers. Also among the finalists for the award were Leonardo Gomes and Mônica Guimarães (Pantanal Fire Brigades, with SOS Pantanal and Documenta Pantanal) and Tasso Azevedo (MapBiomas). The three initiatives reached the final in the category that highlights the initiatives that are operating in the threatened biomes.


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