The Marielle Franco WG was founded in May 2018 when the Institute for Climate and Society (iCS) decided to expand the thematic discussion of racial and gender diversity through the Center for the Study of Labor Relations and Inequalities (Ceert) – a contracted external consultancy. Since then, the Marielle Franco WG has been officially structured and developed as a focal point for the logistics, organization, planning of affirmative actions and inclusion measures – internal and external – to be proposed to the organizational culture of iCS.

In the second half of 2020, the WG renewed its committee and has four new members. Since July 2019, the group has been composed of Andréia Coutinho (ex-communication coordinator), Marcel Martin (transport portfolio coordinator) and Tatiana Zanotti (administration and finance manager). The new version of the committee now includes Cíntya Feitosa (organization and mobilization consultant), Denise Reis (administration and finance assistant), Kamyla Borges (coordinator of the energy efficiency initiative) and Thatiana Santos (executive advisor). In September 2020, Andréia and Tatiana left the WG and the committee now has five members.

We invite everybody to follow the next actions of the Marielle Franco WG, whose mission is to promote racial equity and to accelerate inclusion initiatives in the institutional development of iCS.

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