Mato Grosso do Sul was the first Brazilian state to hold a public hearing about the contribution of states to the implementation of the national NDC (Nationally Determined Contribution to the Paris Agreement). The debate, the first of a series organized by the State Environmentalist Fronts, took place on April 29, with an online broadcast. Its main objective was to promote a greater understanding regarding the challenges and opportunities presented by climate change, thereby stimulating critical and innovative thinking for the implementation of actions of adaptation and mitigation.

According to state deputy Renato Câmara (MDB), “the government has several instruments to minimize a fundamental point of the environment and one of the great limiters to the advance of the protection of waters and our soils: the economic issue. When talking about recovery and performing correct agronomic practices, the producer already thinks that it is yet another burden, an additional cost that he has to assume, even with all the taxes that he has already paid. It is a simplistic assessment, but one that we hear very often in the discussions. We need to create instruments to minimize this,” he says.

href=”″> Watch the broadcast in full here.

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