In March, during the Meeting of Female Mayors, 13 Brazilian mayors joined the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy. This is the largest global alliance of cities and local governments that voluntarily commit to the fight against climate change, including the reduction of its inevitable impacts and the facilitation of access by everybody to sustainable energy. These are the mayors:

1) Fernanda Hassem, Mayor of Brasiléia – AC

2) Cinthia Ribeiro, Mayor of Palmas – TO

3) Jaqueline Coutinho (Mayor of Sorocaba – SP

4) Tania Terezinha, Mayor of Dois Irmãos – RS

5) Debora Almeida, Mayor of São Bento do Una – PE

6) Camille Vasconcelos, Mayor of Vigia de Nazaré – PA

7) Karla Batista, Mayor of Vila Nova dos Martírios – MA

8) Fatima Pacheco, Mayor of Quissamã – RJ

9) Selma Bastos, Mayor of Goiás – GO

10) Sisi Blind, Mayor of São Cristóvão do Sul – SC

11) Daniela de Cássia, Mayor of Monteiro Lobato – SP

12) Anna Lorena, Mayor de Monteiro – PB

13) Marcia Lucena, Mayor of Conde – PB.

The next steps involve planning and effective efforts to begin the path towards the targets established by the Covenant, as well as sharing experiences with other Brazilian municipalities.

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