Organizations and collectives from the Amazon met with Purpose in Belém, Pará, to construct messages and develop creative strategies to disclose their work

Purpose created the Working Group on Research, Messages and Distribution in order to strengthen the communication of civil society organizations in the Amazon, thereby guaranteeing a greater structure of engagement with their audiences. For three days, representatives from Cojovem, the Chico Mendes Committee, the Marajó Observatory and the Mapinguari Institute held an immersion course to understand the results of the research carried out in their territories. They learned how to use the collected data and lessons in order to construct messages and to develop creative and assertive strategies to distribute them. At the meeting, there were workshops and co-creations of narratives, messengers, social networks, influential communication and offline activations. In the end, each organization prepared an intervention prototype that will be put into practice, allied to the campaigns that each one is developing in 2023.

Meeting in Belém organized by Purpose with civil society entities. Credit: Divulgação

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