The seminar organized by the Sovereignty and Climate Center welcomes experts to talk about the importance of the activity in the Brazilian economy and its socioenvironmental and climate impacts

Organized by the Sovereignty and Climate Center, the webinar “Mining in Brazil: reflecting on environmental preservation and security” included the President of IBRAM, Raul Jungmann; Victoria Santos, from iCS; Amélia Enriquez, from the Federal University of Pará; and Mauro Henrique Moreira Sousa, Director General of the National Mining Agency, to talk about the subject.

Responsible for 40% of the trade balance of Brazil (IBRAM, 2022), mining occupies a prominent place in the national economy. Although strategic, the activity can generate a series of serious impacts, and therefore it is fundamental that it is always subject to a set of regulations that are capable of guaranteeing not only economic interests, but also social and environmental issues. Among the addressed issues are the measures adopted by the sector in the country to strengthen the regulations that are already in force, and how the impacts of the activity on climate change are managed. Watch the seminar here.

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