Debate organized by Intervozes and the Vero Institute shows the impacts that the diffusion of fake news brings to the preservation of the Amazon and to indigenous peoples

On May 23, the Chamber of Deputies was the stage for the Seminar “Lies that kill: the impact of misinformation about the Amazon and climate and environmental policies,” organized by the Vero Institute and Intervozes. During the event, three round tables were held, with discussions regarding the impact of lies on indigenous peoples, the standing forest, and other topics; the intersection between misinformation and public policies for climate change and the protection of the Amazon; and honest debates about climate change in relation to social and economic prosperity. It was also the launch of the report “Combating misinformation in the Amazon and its defenders.” The opening and the first round table can be watched here and the second and the third round tables are available here.

Crédito: Unsplash

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