Research organized by Intervozes analyzed, for one year, portals and websites that practice misinformation about the Legal Amazon and uncovered the finance chain

With data on the pages and profiles that circulate about the Amazon, the report “Combating Misinformation about the Legal Amazon and its Defenders” was launched in an online webinar by Intervozes, through the Working Group (WG) to Combat Disinformation and Hate Speech in the Legal Amazon. The research collected over 200 pages, analyzed 70 of them more consistently, and three in-depth. Among the conclusions was the perception that the sites are more hyper-partisan than journalistic, with favors disguised as “news.” The study, carried out between March 2022 and February 2023, uncovered an organized chain of misinformation financed by resources from digital marketing platforms – and even by public resources. The research was supported by iCS and can be accessed in full here.

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