Lab.MaP , organized by the Como Anda project, received 22 new subscribers with ideas and projects about mobility on foot in Brazil. The initiative, which brings together local actors and involves governments, civil society, universities and companies, is organized into three major phases (theoretical, tooling and practical) between March and July 2021, until the actions are implemented. Silvia Stuchi, one of those responsible for Lab.MaP, explains that this involves an extra step to promote the actions of mobility on foot, which is a more inclusive, healthy and economical mode of transport with less environmental and climate impact.

Numbers of the call:

– 22 initiatives

– 18 cities

– 10 states

– 4 regions (Northeast, Center-West, Southeast and South)

– 36% related to consciousness, awareness and direct actions in society

– 28% related to political advocacy, so that citizens play a leading role in processes and exercise active citizenship

– 36% related to interventions in the city, with a test of solutions of availability and use of public spaces

It is important to emphasize that several of the submitted ideas/projects involve two or more sectors of society (civil society, governments, universities, research centers or companies).

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