In all, 94% of those interviewed for the third edition of the survey “Climate change in the perception of Brazilians” believe that global warming is a real phenomenon

The third edition of the opinion poll “Climate change in the perception of Brazilians,” which is a joint initiative by ITS Rio de Janeiro and the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication, with the application of IPEC Inteligência, showed that 52% say they are very concerned about the environment. For 94% of those interviewed, global warming is taking place, and 74% believe that the phenomenon is caused by human activities, while 12% still believe it has environmental and natural causes.

While most (81%) agree that the destruction of the Amazon threatens the climate and the environment of the planet, 52% disagree with the statement that deforestation is necessary for economic growth. In all, 72% of those interviewed say that the fires in the region are caused by human action (it is worth mentioning that the Amazon forest is humid, and therefore does not burn on its own). 71% attribute the fires to loggers, followed by miners (49 %) and large rural producers (44%). In all, 57% firmly believe that the indigenous peoples protect the forests.

Here are some more of the percentages:

  • 93% among those who believe that temperatures are rising say global warming is responsible;
  • 88% of those who have observed a reduction in the rainfall in recent years point to the same reason, as well as 86% of those who say that natural disasters are on the increase;
  • Only 74% of those who accept that air pollution is increasing blame global warming, while 66% of those who believe in the increase in the price of electricity make the association between this rise and climate change.

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