The Instituto Corrida Amiga held another edition of the campaign “Dia de ir #aPéAoTrabalho” [Walk to Work Day], which takes place every first Friday in July to encourage and inspire people to walk to work (whether walking, running or combining part of the journey by bicycle, public transport or a lift). The invitation extended to decision makers/public managers because the organizers believe that city planning requires setting foot on the streets. There are ten reasons to join the campaign, as well as on other days of the year!

Speaking to Catraca Livre, Silvia Stuchi, an environmental manager and creator of Corrida Amiga, talked about urban planning.

“For 5 years, the first Friday of July has been the day to walk to work, including the combination of part of the journey by bicycle, public transport or a lift. After all, walking connects all the other means of transport. Walking also produces health benefits, such as reducing the risk of problems of high blood pressure, cholesterol and heart disease, in addition to benefitting the environment with improved air quality.”

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