An initiative by WRI Brasil with dozens of partners details the paths needed for the creation of a qualified and inclusive growth of the region with the decarbonization of the economy

The New Economy of the Amazon (NEA) is a study developed by WRI Brasil in partnership with 76 experts from scientific institutions from various regions of Brazil. iCS was one of the funders. In brief, the initiative shows in numbers the importance of the standing forest for the qualified and inclusive growth of the region, with ways to structure a modern economy that is free of deforestation, thereby boosting the decarbonization of the entire Brazilian economy.

In comparison to the current economy, the NEA could generate 312,000 more jobs in 2050 and 833,000 new jobs in the bioeconomy sector, which restores the forest. In all, it will be capable of injecting at least R$ 40 billion annually into the GDP of the Legal Amazon from 2050, generating growth in all of the sectors, including agriculture and livestock and mining. All this with zero deforestation and the restoration of 24 million hectares of forests, 94% less net emissions and a 19% greater carbon stock.

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