Measure adopted by the government guarantees that new refrigerators will have a lower impact on the environment and on energy bills

Since January 1, 2024, only refrigerators with an energy efficiency level of at least 85.5% can be produced and imported into Brazil. From 2026, the percentage increases to 90%. According to estimates, the refrigerators sold from 2028 onwards will be 17% more efficient than those available up to 2023, on average. The home appliance industry tried to present the measure as being harmful to society, by claiming a price increase in the refrigerators. This was met with a quick response from the government and civil society organizations, especially the Kigali Network.

In fact, they explain, if there is an increase in the final cost of the product for the consumer, it will be small, and quickly reduced with the reduction in the amounts of the energy bills, due to the better efficiency of the devices. From that point on, there will be a gain for the customer in relation to the current models. The energy efficiency standards for refrigerators in Brazil are obsolete in relation to other countries, including those in Latin America and Africa. See the reporting in Folha de S. Paulo  and Bom Dia Brasil, of Rede Globo.

Frame of the report by TV Globo

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