PROCEL/Eletrobrás have arranged a public consultation, which continues until October 14, to present and discuss the proposal to revise the Procel Seal. There are two stages of criteria for the grant of the Procel Seal. In the first, scheduled to start in November 2021, air conditioners must comply with a minimum efficiency of 6.0 CSPF (Cooling Seasonal Performance Factor), which will make it different from the INMETRO labeling, which will require a minimum efficiency of 5.5 CSPF from the end of 2022. In the second stage, starting in November 2023, the efficiency requirement rises to 7.6 CSPF.

Procel also establishes the creation of a Gold Seal, which will be granted to the best equipment, with an efficiency equal to or greater than 7.6 CSPF in 2021, and 8,2 in 2023. There will also be the inclusion of a global warming potential (GWP) for the refrigerant, with a maximum 675 GWP. iCS, IDEC and IEI participated in the first public meeting.

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