Good news for the energy sector. PROCEL has published the revision of the rules for the granting of its seal. It now requires more rigorous energy efficiency levels than the INMETRO labeling program. It also identifies the most efficient air conditioners available in the Brazilian market.

“The new seal will also start to demand environmental criteria, such as the adoption of refrigerants with a zero ozone depletion potential (ODP). The PROCEL Gold Seal is also new and will only be awarded to the best equipment. It will not be attached to the equipment and will only be available virtually, which is in line with the increase in online sales,” explains Kamyla Borges, from the iCS Energy Efficiency Initiative.

According to her, the major innovation of the PROCEL Gold Seal is that it will demand a global warming potential (GWP) of refrigerants that is less than or equal to 750, which is in line with the Kigali Amendment.

The dates of effectiveness of each stage and the new requirements of the PROCEL seal are as follows:

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