In São Paulo, on May 31, the Chamber of Commercialization of Electric Energy (CCEE) and the National Agency of Electric Energy (ANEEL) held an auction for energy generation to supply Boa Vista and connected locations. Boa Vista is the capital of Roraima, which is the only state not integrated into the National Interconnected System (SIN), and whose current electricity supply comes from diesel. Thanks to the auction, the supply will become more diversified and clean, because seven renewable energy projects were contracted, which include photovoltaic solar plants, biomass, and biofuels. With this, the need to operate diesel power plants will be decreased, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and electricity generation costs.

In all, the auction enabled the procurement of 6402.5 GWh, using nine supply solutions contracted at an average price of R$ 833.00/MWh, which is 35% below the current cost. The deadline for the supply to begin is June 28, 2021.

There are more details about the deals in the following publications bellow:

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