Last month, there were some important changes at iCS. Leonildes Nazar, who joined the organization in 2016, said goodbye to the team so that he could complete part of his doctorate in California, USA.

“Many thanks, Leo, for your professionalism and generosity during your time at iCS. We hope that you will be very successful and that we will certainly meet again soon in the world of climate change” – Ana Toni.

Thatiana Santos is the new executive adviser of iCS. She has a degree in Journalism from FACHA, a master’s degree in Political Science from the Università degli Studi di Roma Tre, and a post-graduate diploma in Media Relations. She has national and international experience in the areas of Communication and Journalism, with expertise in the development of projects of External Communication, Internal Marketing, and Media Relations. She worked for about 13 years as a reporter, in media relations, and as an internal communications consultant in Europe and the United States. Thatiana has worked with the monitoring and performance of readings and analyses of materials in the printed and electronic media. She was responsible for the direction and production of the short film “Sobre Vivências,” which won the award for the best short film at the 2017 Overcome Film Festival. She has also worked with the structuring and strategic development of internal corporate marketing, the organization of events, and the translation of texts into English and Italian. At iCS, she is the new executive adviser, responsible for the strategic support – internally and externally – in institutional and customer relations.

We also said goodbye to Munir Soares, the ex-coordinator of the E+ Institute . iCS thanks him for all his work in the implementation stage of the program.

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