International Conference on Energy Efficiency

The discussion about the market for air conditioner devices in Brazil was the main agenda of an exclusive international event. Held by the Institute for Climate and Society and Eletrobras/PROCEL, on March 25, the International Conference on Energy Efficiency in the Brazilian Market of Air Conditioners achieved a positive dialogue between those responsible from the government, industry and civil society about the subject.

“We left the event with an agreement about the need to adopt the seasonal metric in the country, and also the revision of the Brazilian program of labeling and the Procel Seal,” declared Kamyla Borges, the coordinator from the Kigali Project.

INMETRO has also promised to convene a meeting, in April, of the Technical Committee of the Brazilian Program of Labeling, in order to start a discussion about five points: the adoption of the seasonal metric, the revision of the labeling, the revision of the Procel Seal, the revision of the minimum levels of energy efficiency, and the integration with other policies. Watch the broadcast here !

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What is the relationship between energy efficiency and climate change? This is the question answered by the animated video by the International Energy Initiative (IEI) . According to the UN, the use of more efficient equipment and light bulbs can avoid the emission of 1.25 billion tons of C02 per year and save 500 billion dollars in energy generation. This is one of the reasons why the International Energy Agency considers energy efficiency as the number 1 resource for a sustainable energy system. Watch in full here .

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