Institutional training with grantees

On March 28-29, iCS organized the Advocacy Workshop for about 40 grantees with the help of the Advocacy Hub . One of the differentials of this meeting was the participation of grantees from all of the iCS portfolios. The objective was to share information and to provide the institutions present with an understanding of the current political system, the new coalitions of the post-election parties, and to demonstrate useful mobilization, communications and campaign tools. They were two intense days, with periods of theory and practice, instigating the analytical ability of the represented organizations to understand the political scenarios. Among the topics covered, the executive director of the Alana Institute, Isabella Henriques, presented some practical examples of a guide for a successful advocacy strategy.

COP24 and the business climate practice

The IEC ( Business Initiative on Climate ), in an action coordinated by the Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development (CEBDS), the Ethos Institute, CDP, the Center for Sustainability Studies at the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (GVces), and the Brazilian Network of the Global Compact, held one more of its webinars in March. Alice Amorim, the coordinator of Public Policy and Outreach of iCS, was the speaker invited to talk about “COP24 and the business climate practice.” She provided a summary of the decisions of the conference (mainly on the question of rules), the temperature of the COP – both in the aspect of official negotiation and outside of this (a complex political context) – and considered perspectives for the future, especially during the year and up to COP25. Watch the webinar in full .

Climate Litigation

The next event of the series of Sustainable Future Dialogues is confirmed! The International Event on Climate Litigation , organized by iCS and the German Embassy in Brazil, will be held on May 9, in Brasilia. The event will bring together speakers throughout Brazil and aims to optimize a discussion about the experiences of other countries with climate litigation and the possibilities of considering how this subject faces the challenges of the Brazilian legal system. The registration and the program will soon be available here .

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