We cannot go back to normality. This is the motto of the seminar and the #RetomadaVerdeInclusiva campaign, organized by ClimaInfo, the Climate Observatory and the Infrastructure Working Group. Basically, the premise is that normality has led us not only to the pandemic but also to financial and social chaos. There are nine key points for the green recovery: solid waste, sanitation, mobility and solar energy (fundamental sectors for the recovery of the economy); low carbon agriculture (recovering 6.5 million hectares of degraded pastures in the Cerrado could inject R$ 3.4 billion into the economy); water and sanitation (complying with the PLANSAB target would produce 300,000 jobs in 2020); energy efficiency (target of the Paris Agreement leads to the generation of almost half a million jobs by 2030); distributed solar energy (investing in low-income residences is an economic, environmental and social solution); housing (1/3 of the housing deficit of Brazil is concentrated in nine metropolitan regions); mobility (solutions that have been imposed by pandemic are here to stay); solid waste (Brazil throws away half a million jobs); and nature-based solutions (meeting the targets of the Paris Agreement would generate 250,000 jobs). Read the entire document here .

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