Between September 21-27, NYC Climate Week took place, with a live broadcast on the iCS channel on YouTube with a simultaneous translation. Together with organizations and representatives from Brazil and international experts, we addressed subjects of mobility, the green recovery and the mobilization of networks. On September 21, the week opened with a stimulating debate between professionals from Latin American cities regarding urban mobility actions and projects, addressing the urgency of this subject. Participants included Carolina Tohá, ex-mayor of Santiago, Chile; Sergio Avelleda, from @WRIRossCities, and Ilan Cuperstein, from C40. It was moderated by Marcel Martin, coordinator of the iCS transport portfolio.

On September 23, the program continued with an event that presented the possibilities of the implementation of recovery plans with a climate focus, considering the public and private sectors, for a low carbon economy. Alongside Ana Toni, executive director of iCS, were Marina Grossi, from CEBDS, Gustavo Pimentel, from Sitawi, Andrea Alvares, from Natura &Co and Joaquim Levy, ex-minister of finance. Claire O`Neill, from the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, was the moderator.

The conclusion of our work at #ClimateWeekNYC took place on September 24 with the panel “For a more ambitious climate action: the power of the mobilization network.” With the participation of Flavia Resende, from the Ethos Institute; Tim Ash Vie, from #Under2Coalition; Inamara Melo, from Abema; Dr. Luis Hidalgo Okimura, governor of Madre de Dios, Peru; and Sarah Duffy, from The Climate Group, the webinar addressed the operation of the climate movements and the contribution of the subnational actors to transform commitments into actual policies.

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