The Pact for Democracy, in accordance with its mission to encourage democratic culture in the country, held a public call of micro-grants for the promotion of Democratic Dialogues, inviting citizens to perform plural conversations about important and urgent topics for democracy in Brazil and worldwide. In all, there were 211 proposals submitted with several themes and different realities – from Quilombo and indigenous communities to university research centers, and organizations with international operations, to peripheral groups.

Learn about the ten selected initiatives:

1- How to open up areas of political dialogue amid ideological polarization?

Fortaleza, Ceará

2- Meeting Diversity:

Conceptions of Class, Race, Gender, Sexuality, and Religion

Manaus, Amazonas

3- Hacking Institutional Politics

Santarém, Pará

4- Social control and democracy: how to use social control tools for the emancipation of territory

Recife, Pernambuco

5- The constitutional defense of traditional and native people from the Amazon region

Brasília, Federal District

6- How to bring citizens closer to public institutions?

Goiânia, Goiás

7- The policies don’t work!

Itaquaquecetuba, São Paulo

8- Young people from the favelas, public safety and the right to the city: re-democratizing the debate

Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro

9- Real democracy: deleting fake news

Curitiba, Paraná

10- Democratic decision-making processes need to be respected

Londrina, Paraná

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