Launched at an event in the Chamber of the Deputies, the Front formed a partnership with the Environmentalist Mixed Parliamentary Front and with the Nordeste Potência project in order to accelerate energy transition in the region

Parliamentarians, representatives from the federal government, experts and social movements met in the Chamber of the Deputies to discuss paths for a just energy transition in the Northeast. The event also marked the launch of the Parliamentary Front in Defense of the Northeast, bringing together federal deputies and senators. It is a partnership with the Environmentalist Mixed Parliamentary Front and the Nordeste Potência project. The vice-president of the Northeast Front, deputy Pedro Campos (PSB-PE), highlighted the region’s potential in the generation of renewable energy, especially through the sun and wind, recalling how this can be important for socially just and sustainable economic development. Read more about this at ClimaInfo.

The Nordeste Potência, which is an initiative formed by Centro Brasil no Clima, Fundo Casa Socioambiental, Grupo Ambientalista da Bahia and the ClimaInfo Institute, with support from iCS, has the objective to promote the public debate on the post-pandemic recovery in the Northeast on green, just and inclusive bases. It has been calculated that at least 2 million green jobs can be created in the renewable energy sector in the region over the next five years, highlighting the potential of the distributed solar generation.

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