Since the beginning of its activities, in 2015, iCS has been consolidating a wide network of partnerships, whose purpose is to establish a qualified dialogue and build solutions for the climate crisis, through the encouragement of good practices in the economy, in the environment and in the social areas.

  • Funders
  • Grantees
  • Representatives and institutions from the private sector
  • Governments and organizations from the public sector
  • Legislative branch
  • Judicial branch
  • Social movements
  • Philanthropic organizations and their networks
  • Academia
  • Media


The funders that are members of the network of partners of the Institute are mainly large national and international philanthropic organizations, which are willing to contribute to the acceleration of the climate action in Brazil.

*We update this page periodically. It is possible, however, that some recent funders have not yet been included, or that donors whose donations have already ended are still named.

Profile of the grantees

Civil society organizations

Think tanks


Activist groups and observatories

Private companies and associations

Exchange with Philanthropy

iCS values ​​the exchange of experiences and the co-financing with other funder institutions.

We are a member of the Group of Institutes, Foundations and Companies (GIFE), of the Philanthropy Network for Social Justice, of the WINGS and the Forest People Climate. We are also part of an international network of philanthropic organizations dedicated to climate change.

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