The Kigali Network, which has the support of iCS, has launched an important campaign/message aimed at Congress and civil society: the Kigali Amendment needs to be approved in order to improve the energy efficiency of the air conditioning equipment used by Brazilians, to generate employment and to reduce the environmental impact of the air conditioning systems. Doing this does not require significant complexity; there are environmentally friendly substances that can be used by industry in the production of this equipment – unlike other countries, however, Brazil does not yet have a legal determination in this regard.

The change of this reality directly involves the approval of the Amendment at the National Congress, which would also prevent the national industry from losing part of the resources of the Multilateral Fund for the Implementation of the Montreal Protocol for the period 2021-2023. These resources, it must be said, can be used on a non-refundable basis, precisely to guarantee greater efficiency and environmental care in the productive sector.

The mobilization has had significant repercussions, with coverage by the Jornal Nacional, Jornal das 18:00 of GloboNews, Bom Dia Brasil, the column by Merval Pereira in Globo, and an editorial by the same newspaper, among others. There has also been coordination with leaders in the chamber, such as the Environmentalist Front and deputy Alessandro Molon.

To help, please sign this petition in favor of the Kigali Amendment.

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