Climate Policy

The Executive and Legislative branches, at all levels, are responsible for the defense of Brazilian sovereignty, such as energy, water and natural asset security in the country, as well as ensuring the well-being of the population, working to reduce inequality and the supply of basic services for everyone. The advancement of governments, including subnational governments, in the climate agenda will allow for better practices in confronting global warming.

Impact Stories

Each of the projects supported by iCS impacts people and communities, with a new development vision for the future of Brazil. Know the stories.

 The torrential rains that ravaged the northeast of Brazil in recent weeks have left more than a hundred dead. A common factor among almost all of those who lost their lives, the color of the skin: black. There is no doubt that tackling climate change will only be effective if it is carried out with racial and gender justice.

Published by El Pais, the letter delivered to the president, by institutions from Latin America and the Caribbean, suggests at least six commitments to be worked on by the Brazilian [...]




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