Land Use and Food Systems

In the debate for the development in the Legal Amazon, there are countless public policy alternatives for the reduction of inequality through sustainable land use. The main focus is to decouple economic growth from deforestation, stimulating the production that allows the reduction of the impacts on global warming and contributes to a more sustainable development in the region.

Impact Stories

Each of the projects supported by iCS impact people and communities, with a new development vision for the future of Brazil. Know the stories.

Matheus Villa, who lives at Morro da Babilônia (Leme, Rio de Janeiro), has seen his life change after a professional training in the installation of photovoltaic panels. Soon after the course, held in 2021, he installed 420 solar panels at a plant in Rio de Janeiro and he has also worked on projects in São Paulo. “I used to work with tourism but I am now focused on sustainable energy, because there is a large and growing demand and very little skilled labor. Furthermore, I am learning other skills with the NGO, as a building electrician, which I am just about to complete.”

Women’s March and the Marco Temporal [Time Frame Limit] mobilize indigenous peoples across the country September was marked by the mobilization of indigenous peoples. With approximately eight thousand participants, the [...]




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