Law and Climate

The role of the justice system in the defense of the compliance with and the advancement of legislation adhering to the climate agenda in Brazil is being increasingly strengthened. This is not only to avoid setbacks, but also to guarantee the essential rights that allow for a better quality of life and a more competitive country that respects the environment.

Impact Stories

Each of the projects supported by iCS impacts people and communities, with a new development vision for the future of Brazil. Know the stories.

Café Apuí Agroflorestal invests in the economy of the standing forest and has evolved into a socioenvironmental impact initiative in a previously deforested area

The first indigenous woman to advise the president of the TSE is participating, with lawyers from other villages, in a training laboratory, promoted by iCS In an election year, the news reports have an almost omnipresent name: the Superior Electoral Court (TSE). What few people know is that, among its staff, there is the first indigenous woman to advise the president of the court. Samara Pataxó, of the Pataxó People of Bahia, from the Aldeia Coroa Vermelha, has many stories to tell, but one of them shines a different light. “I am very proud to say that I studied at the indigenous school of my village. This is very important because we not only learned to read and write, but we also received an upbringing to grow up engaged in the fight, to understand that we need to fight for our rights, to maintain our culture, and to have the certainty that I could go to university.”

The Global Climate Litigation Report, an important accountability statement, cites a filing action produced by the IEA for compliance with the PPCDAm The Global Climate Litigation Report: 2023 Status Review, [...]




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