The transport sector in urban areas is a challenge for public managers. The climate agenda proposes solutions that increase the well-being of the population, have an impact on the economy with new businesses and have a significant effect on the compliance with the goals that involve net zero carbon emissions.

Impact Stories

Each of the projects supported by iCS impacts people and communities, with a new development vision for the future of Brazil. Know the stories.

The National Policy for Air Quality, which is in progress in Congress, is one of the incidences of iCS grantees in the fight for the well-being of Brazilians. Another example is the installation of a climate and air monitoring station in a community in São Paulo. In the 1970s, the strike at a cement factory in São Paulo extrapolated the debate for better wage and working conditions for the workers. The women of the [...]

The documentary “Rio, Negro” was produced by Casa Fluminense and Quiprocó Filmes, with the support of iCS, and was released in cinemas showing a new perspective of the history of [...]




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