A book organized by Emaranhadas discusses traditional knowledge and the struggle of women from Maranhão for the right to nature

The daily struggle of women from Maranhão for environmental justice and the right to nature, against the structural distancing and marginalization of ancestral knowledge can now be found in a book. Emaranhadas has launched, with the support of iCS, the “Practical Guide for Good Living: the memory and wisdom of the women from the Maranhão Amazon.” It includes in the narrated voices the desire to strengthen food sovereignty and care through natural medicines; the resistance to eradication, which in many cases is generated by the forced migration to the cities, in an effort to steal identity, memory and the time of life with the precariousness of work.

A passage from the introduction says: “We understand the value contained in our knowledge and we feel obliged to share, transmit and provide continuity to the wisdom coming from this ancestral line. Here we plant our seeds and harvest what we sow, so as not to lose our culture and reaffirm that we are not looking in the wrong direction. We are here all the time and taking care of each other.”

Download the book for free here.

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