In two online meetings with experts on fundamental topics for the climate debate, iCS has been providing training for press and communication professionals about the Dubai COP

iCS has gathered together, in two online meetings, experts in climate financing, energy transition, sustainable agriculture, loss and damage, and China, as well as journalists with a vast experience in the coverage of COPs, in order to dialogue with press and communication professionals about the climate negotiations and their impacts on Brazil.

At the first meeting of Towards COP30, the Executive Director of iCS, Maria Netto, provided an overview of what to expect from COP28, with a focus on the economic costs of climate change and climate financing. The debates also involved Matheus Bastos, the second Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Brazilian negotiator of Climate Financing at the UNFCCC, Rodrigo Lima, member and general director of Agroicone, and Luiz Augusto Barroso, chief executive officer of PSR. Lima and Barroso spoke about the challenges of agriculture and livestock and food systems, food security and the energy transformation in Brazil and worldwide.

To watch the meeting, click on this link.

In the second workshop, the journalist Cinthia Leone, press officer at ClimaInfo, presented an analysis of the expectations related to COP28. She focused on fossil energy and loss and damage, highlighting the increase of the concern of Brazilian civil society with climate change. Daniela Chiaretti, a special environmental reporter from Valor, gave valuable tips for the coverage of a convention of this size, in addition to perspectives for the Dubai COP, which starts in a few days, during two wars. The editor-in-chief of China Dialogue, Sam Geall, addressed the expectations about China at the Conference.

Watch the workshop in full here.

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