The President Designate of COP26 (which will take place in Glasgow in November), Alok Sharma, was in Brazil at the beginning of August for a three-day visit, with the objective of starting a cycle of constructive conversations with Brazilian society about the COP. He also wanted to support the construction of solutions for key subjects of the Brazilian participation, such as the implementation of the NDC, the agreement regarding article 6, the reduction of deforestation and specific sectoral goals.

In a meeting with representatives of invited entities, Sharma heard about the importance of land use, the urgency of combating deforestation and the relevance of involving indigenous peoples and traditional communities in solutions to confront climate change. For the first time at the COPs, there will be consultative committees from civil society and indigenous peoples will form an integral part.

Sharma leaves the country with a positive impression of Brazilian society, which demonstrates its maturity and progress in the climate agenda, with demands from the federal government for more ambition, the implementation of climate policy plans, the NDC and effectiveness in the control of deforestation, which is the largest source of Brazilian emissions.

His visit almost coincided with the launch of one of the most important reports ever published by the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change). This quantifies the impact of mankind on the increase of the average temperature of the planet for the first time. Furthermore, the document also states that the temperature will continue to rise until the middle of the century in all the scenarios projected for greenhouse gas emissions and reinforces the urgent need for greater ambition.

There is more information about Alok Sharma’s visit at Valor and Coalizão , and learn more about the IPCC report here .

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