With the support of iCS, the Brazilian Council for Sustainable Construction carried out a study from 2022 to 2023 and made recommendations including the cataloging of purchases with suppliers

The results of the Efficient Cities Program in Rio de Janeiro, carried out from 2022 to 2023, were presented at the end of March by the CBCS (the Brazilian Council for Sustainable Construction) and the City Hall. The work delivered a digital platform that organized data on the electricity and water consumption of more than 2,000 buildings belonging to the City Hall, enabling their analysis for the preparation of strategies for savings and efficiency. More than 1,500 schools received forms with questions for a broader diagnosis. Of these, 71% provided information and were studied by the Program, with the identification of new opportunities for savings and the quality of the environments. Furthermore, two energy competitions were organized, training employees on how to diagnose the buildings from the point of view of energy efficiency and water conservation.

The study also included recommendations for the updating of the Purchases catalogue of the City Hall, incorporating requirements for energy efficiency and the rational use of water into its policy. During the closing event of the Program, Amanda Ohara, the initiative coordinator of the Energy Portfolio at iCS, gave one of the opening speeches: “Rio de Janeiro has always played a leading role in the climate agenda and not only with specific actions, but also as a global player in discussions. It also has very clear vulnerabilities concerning the climate. The subnational agenda is increasingly more important because it is where the impacts take place and where the actions are actually implemented.”

Credit: CBCS presents the results of the Efficient Cities Program in Rio de Janeiro. In the photo, Clarice Degani (CBCS Executive Director), on the left, Pedro Rolim (Manager of Sustainability and Resilience and the Technical Coordinator of the Efficient Cities Program for PCRJ), in the center, and Liége Garlet (CBCS Researcher – Efficient Cities Program RJ), between the two / Disclosure CBCS

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