The executive director of iCS, Maria Netto, was interviewed by the Jornal da CBN to explain expectations on the climate agenda for the coming year, including G20 and COP 29

Maria Netto, the executive director of the Institute for Climate and Society, was interviewed by the Jornal da CBN, presented by Milton Jung and Frederico Goulart, at the end of 2023. Among other topics, Maria spoke about expectations for the climate agenda in 2024.

According to her, the main challenge is the continuity of what was approved at COP 28, in Dubai, namely the demonstration by countries that they will be able to achieve their goals to reduce emissions in order to guarantee that the average increase in the global temperature does not exceed the 1.5 degree limit.

For this, she explains, financing will be needed. COP 29 is the main stage for the guarantee of an agreement that allows investments that are capable of tripling the production of renewable energy, while generating opportunities for resilience, adaptation and nature-based solutions, also considering COP 30, which will take place in Belém, in 2025.

The presidency of Brazil of the G20 is also highly anticipated in 2024, because the nations participating in the group represent 70% of global emissions – in other words, the agreements signed at G20 could generate significant advances in the climate agenda for the next two years.

Watch the interview here, starting at 13:40.

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