Representatives from the sector, such as Agora Energiewende, the government and the Institute E+, debated the industrial transition in Brazil over three days

The team of the E+ Institute received a visit from Frank Peter, who is the director of the Industry Program of Agora Energiewende, for a three-day debate about cooperation alternatives between the global North and South in the area of ​​energy transition, which is one of the areas of activity of iCS. In a meeting with Rodrigo Rollemberg, the secretary of the Green Economy, Decarbonization and Bioindustry at the Ministry of Development, Industry, Commerce and Services (MDIC), the possibility of the formation of negotiation clubs in the context of international cooperation was addressed. They can become environments for agreements for green industrial products between Brazilian and foreign companies.

Other negotiations included, for example, the attraction of new productive investments to the country through conversations with experts from the Development Bank of Latin America and the Caribbean (CAF). This is because Brazil has an enormous potential in the area of ​​clean energy and green hydrogen for the installation of new industrial plants. Frank and the team from E+ also visited the Electric Energy Commercialization Chamber – CCEE, BNDES, the Energy Research Company and the National Confederation of Industry.

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