Bill 10521/2018, which establishes the National Policy for Air Quality and creates the National System of Air Quality Information, had a public hearing at the Environment Commission of the Chamber with the following participation: Hélio Wicher Neto, advocacy coordinator of Coalizão Respirar; Wanderley Coelho Batista, expert in policies and industry at CNI – National Confederation of Industry; Patricia Faga Iglecias Lemos, president of the CETESB – Environmental Company of the State of São Paulo, representing ABEMA – the Brazilian Association of State Environmental Entities; and Carlos Dora, president of the International Society for Urban Health.

During the debate, Hélio criticized the withdrawal of the participation of civil society in the plans for air quality management to be prepared by the states. He also argued that the references to the World Health Organization (WHO) should be maintained, in passages approved by the Commission for Urban Development, because the parameters of pollutant concentrations suggested by the Coalition are those of the WHO. He said: “Because it brings science from all over the world and scientists from all countries in a very neutral manner. And it clarifies what clean air is and what the impacts on health are in a unique and very independent way.”

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