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Land Use and Food Systems

Sustainable rural agri-food system transitions in Brazil, India, and South Africa


The agriculture and land use sector is responsible for one-third of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. It is also the primary source of livelihood for many of the 3.4 billion people around the world who live in rural areas. As such, there is an imperative for a just and equitable transition for the sector that enhances resilient livelihoods, creates jobs in the rural economy, and encourages sustainable food production.

In a new report, we share our learnings from three projects in Brazil, India, and South Africa. These case studies offer insights into the experiences of project development and implementation in these three regions and explore the challenges, successes, and learnings from local, on-the-ground interventions and how they might inform work in other regions. iCS is part of this process.

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