The fundamental work “Quilombola women: territories of black female existences” is on sale in bookstores in Brazil and online. The book, published by Sueli Carneiro, coordinated by Djamila Ribeiro and organized by Selma Dealdina dos Santos, from the executive secretariat of the National Coordination of Black Rural Quilombola Communities (Conaq), narrates the knowledge, experience and resistance of 18 women from several quilombos in Brazil. The publication reinforces the idea that, when a black woman moves, all society does the same. Learn more here . On the Conaq website, there are five reasons listed by the Jandaíra publisher so that no one misses the opportunity:

1. Understanding the reality of the quilombos in Brazil and their struggle for basic rights through the eyes of the quilombola women;

2. Learning about the Brazilian quilombos and their relationship with ancestry;

3. Decolonizing opinions on subjects such as agroecology, seed protection and the defense of the environment;

4. Finding out more about the struggle of quilombola women against domestic violence;

5. Meeting the challenges of quilombola women in the academic world.

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